Lifestyle Coaching

These days I’m a clean living, entertainment professional with a clear view of what I want in life. Let me tell you though, it wasn’t always this way and I spent many years struggling with social withdrawal and addiction. To deal with performance rejection and anxiety, I found myself being self-destructive on a downward spiral. Instead of lifting me up, the people in my life who should have supported me were pushing me down. I am living proof that no matter where you want to go in life, you can start living that life right now.

As a one-on-one lifestyle coach, I help my clients with motivation, self-worth and creating actionable goals. I love talking with young people who are struggling to get their start in life. I want to help everyone live their best life, no matter what that means to them.

Key topics of interest:
  • Youth and adult motivational coaching
  • General mindset and reprogramming
  • Well-being and fitness coaching
  • General health and lifestyle guidance
  • Drug and alcohol recovery/addiction
  • LGBTQIA+ lifestyle and support