Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

With my outgoing personality, performance training, and life experiences, I’m an ideal inspirational and motivational keynote speaker for events, workplaces, and conferences. I’ve been to the school of hard knocks – I didn’t learn to read and write until I was 18 and I was often told that I would never amount to anything by the people who were supposed to be supporting me. I spent many years feeling overwhelmed and felt like no one saw the real me.

I realised that if I wanted a worthwhile life, I needed to stop making excuses and start living it. I stopped self-destruction, committed to health and fitness, and started creating the life I wanted. Fast forward 15 years and I’ve travelled and worked around the world, living and working in London and Vancouver. I’ve trekked up to Everest Base camp and volunteered at a mission in Cambodia.

I’m a successful presenter, performing artist, lifestyle and fitness coach. I’m passionate about the LGBTQIA+ community and helping others find positive motivation within themselves.

My keynote addresses inspire and empower people to start living their best life today, no matter where they are in life.

Key speaking topics:

  • Youth and adult motivational coaching
  • General mindset and reprogramming
  • Drug and alcohol recovery and addiction
  • LGBTQIA+ lifestyle support and acceptance
  • General health and lifestyle coaching
  • Workout training and fitness coaching
  • Australian and international travel

Make Your Event Amazing With A Motivational Keynote Speaker

Motivational keynote speakers are an important part of a successful company or association meeting. Finding the right type of speaker is the key if you want to make sure the whole event is memorable. Amazing events do not happen by accident. They occur when great meeting planners curate content presented by those who know how to engage an audience.

There are many types of speakers covering an unlimited number of topics. When a meeting organizer is looking to fill their agenda with the right presenters, they must weigh out a lot of option. It has been reported that there are over 30,000 people worldwide who are considered “speakers”. With all these choices, it is clear not all motivational keynote speakers are the same. A speaker is not a commodity item.


What You Might Be Seeking

To begin: you have to think about what role the speaker will fill at your event. Will this be the keynote speaker, a break-out speaker, or the master of ceremonies / emcee? Not everyone can present in every situation. Finding the right people to take the stage is key to your success.

Motivational Keynote Speakers for your event may include one or more of the following:

  • Sales speaker
  • Leadership speaker
  • Creativity innovation speaker
  • Time management / attention speaker
  • Funny speaker
  • After dinner speaker
  • Religious speaker
  • Diversity speaker
  • Scientific speaker
  • Medical / healthcare speaker
  • Franchise speaker
  • Female keynote speaker
  • Celebrity speaker
  • Stress management speaker
  • Business Speaker
  • Peak Performance speaker
  • Student event speaker
  • Young professional / Generation Y speaker
  • First timer event speaker
  • Personal growth speaker
  • Employee engagement speaker
  • Corporate speaker
  • Etc….


Does Motivation Matter?

All professional speakers need to be “Motivational Speakers”. Too often some committee members who are planning an event get confused and think “motivation” means “fluffy” content. But this is not true.

The best motivational keynote speakers have overcome adversity and share inspirational stories. Their presentations are not book reports, but instead the mix actionable content with real and raw information from their personal lives.

A world class motivational keynote speaker is always going to be an inspirational speaker. Those who may claim they are not seeking motivation or inspiration are hurting their event and the audience experience. The opposite of motivation is de-motivation, and that is never the goal of any meeting.

The top motivational speakers who work regularly delivering keynote speeches will not always be celebrity speakers. There are many who make their living through their skills at motivational speaking that can “WOW” the conference participants. The cost of a politician, Hollywood personality, Olympic athlete, astronaut, or a New York Times bestseller author can be higher than the allotted budget for most conferences.

But not being able to afford a famous motivational speaker, and just using free resources is a big gap.  The investment in a great speaker is the best way to show audiences they are the priority for the planning committee. Groups that utilize free industry speakers in their motivational keynote speaker spot are not always providing the best experience. (There are always exceptions). 

How To Find A Motivational Keynote Speaker

Audiences deserve an awesome experience at conferences, trade shows, conventions, seminars, and other live events. People spend money for registrations, travel, lodging, and invest time away from work and family to be present at events. Superb speakers in every keynote, breakout, and panel discussion are mandatory for high return on investment.

Finding several motivational keynote speakers to choose from is key. Get the right ones on your agenda to open and close your conference. These selections will be among the most important decisions you and your committee will make in regards to the success of the event.


Speakers Set The Tone For Live Events

While there is much talk about the importance of content (and yes, content is important), an inspiring speaker who is experienced and has the presentation skills to educate will make an impression that will last in the minds and hearts of the attendees. When that same speaker can motivate people to take action, you have a winner. It takes effort to find a good short list of people to put on stage as your motivational keynote speaker.


Being Smart Is NOT Enough – Motivational Keynote Speakers Must Have Style

Just because someone is smart, or has done something cool — it does not mean they belong on stage. Often when speakers are selected for having some level of “fame”, but without dedication to how they convey their story to the audience, they may fall flat. Speaking is a learned skill and an art that needs to be practiced. The more times someone presents, the better they become at delivering presentations.

Being smart is a good thing, but not the only thing. Motivational keynote speakers must have developed their unique speaking style. People want to learn, but they also want to be drawn in and entertained. Entertainment does not mean magic or juggling. This is about the speaker having learned how to make their topic interesting. By the way – all topics can be interesting. Even at highly technical events there are motivational keynote speakers who make people laugh and lean in to listen.


Communicate with the Speakers

Once you have selected speakers, spend time getting to know them personally and engage them to utilize their unique talents for a positive impact on the overall event. A phone call at the time they are booked, and one a week or two in advance of the event is common, but when planners engage the speakers as part of the team, they will have better results. Make sure the speaker knows all the goals of the meeting so they can assist. If you want them to attend happy hours or meals, discuss this up front. Often the expectation of additional participation is dropped on the speaker once they arrive at the conference. Many speakers will happily engage with your attendees if you set that expectation in the beginning.


Schedule Follow Up Sessions After Keynotes

Motivational keynotes by their nature are not the same as workshops. If you have a great keynote speaker, and want the audience to have a more intimate opportunity to learn from them, schedule them for additional breakout sessions in addition to their main stage talk. Experienced speakers know that a great keynote is different from what makes an impactful workshop. Give them the chance to do both at your event. Some speakers will charge more for breakouts, others will add additional sessions as a bonus for the doing the keynote. Talk to the speaker and / or speakers bureau about what you are seeking and negotiate a mutually beneficial solution.

Filling the agenda with speakers is more than populating names into the blanks. The speaker’s content, style, personality, engagement, and dedication to your event have a direct impact on your success. The more you communicate your goals before you hire speakers, the better chance you will have for amazing presentations by talented experts who are committed to helping you create an amazing conference attendee experience.

Never settle. Discover amazing motivational keynote speakers and create a memorable conference. Your audience deserves the best.