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Chad Mathew

Chad Mathew, Actor/Model

Presenting & Stage


The Disney Channel At The Sydney Powerhouse Museum ( StarWars Fan Exhibition ) – 2018

Principal Role, Stage Host & MC

Talking All Things StarWars and Fan Fair, Hosting the Cos comp and talking with the audience/s over 3 full days. Production by: The Entertainment Store & Disney Australia. Sydney Australia. 2018

Bent TV, Australia (Presenter) – 2017

Principal, Lead Presenter

Volunteer as principal Presenter for Bent TV, Melbourne. Bent TV Covers All Events and Issues All LGBTQI Related primarily through out Melbourne, Victoria. But also having Reporters and Supporting Presenters in all Australian States highlighting and or covering all Australian LGBTQI and world wide Events relatable to our LGBTQI community. Shows are Produced by: Gavin Henderson. Aired on Australian Community Channel 31 and BentTV YouTube. Melbourne, Australia, 2017

Joy 94.9 FM LGBTQI Community Radio Station, Melbourne – 2017

Supporting Role, Radio Presenter

Volunteer Radio Personality and Presenter For Australia’s Largest LGBTQI Radio Station, Joy 94.9 Fm. Although I was at the station for a short time, I was able to attend the taste of Radio course and learn so much more about commercial broadcasting and programming. Joy 94.9 has over half a million regular listeners as of March of 2017. And although a community Radio Station, they are considered very popular by the General community and radio listeners throughout Australia and there world wide links. Melbourne, Australia, 2017

OutLook TV, Canada (Presenter) – 2015 – 2016

Supporting Role, Presenter

Volunteer Supporting Presenter for OutLook TV Canada. OutLook TV is a nation wide monthly program that covers all LGBTQI Events, Issues and Topics. Although based in Vancouver, OutLook TV has Reporters and Supporting Presenters in each province delivering local LGBTQI news across the country, While also keeping up with world wide events related to our LGBTQI community. Using the OutLook And Shaw Networks. The show is Produced by: Micheal Keeping. Aired on OutTv, ShawTV and YouTube, Vancouver, Canada, 2016

CJSF 90.1 FM University Community Radio Station ( Presenter ) – 2016

Supporting Role, Radio Presenter

Volunteer Radio Presenter for CJSF 90.1 FM. Hosting Shows and assisting with music and organizing interviews with local talent. CJSF is a multicultural and diverse radio stations throughout the station With a large variety of shows, Based on the Simon Fraser University Burnaby, Vancouver Canada, 2016


Mayhem in Milan – 2006

Principal, Lead Actor

Playing Jacque, one of two toy boys to the famous and fabulous Fashion designer, Salvatori. Set in Italy’s Milan, this melbourne Fringe play had all the comedy one could ask for. From flamboyant gay characters, to bitchy wanna be models and Fashion disasters. The show received great write ups and praise from attendees and Fringe festival critics alike. Mayhem In Milan was a hit Fringe Festival comedy production and play. Melbourne, Australia, 2006

As It Happens – 2005

Principal, Lead Actor

Playing Ben, a ruff, A disobedient and outright rude stuck up boyfriend who’s ego wanted bigger and better things outside his small town life he felt suffocated and stuck in. VCA Graduates Performance. VCA ( victorian college of the Arts ) Melbourne, Australia, 2005


The Cake, Bake & Sweets Show Melbourne, Australia – 2016

Supporting Role, Host & MC

Hosting at the bakers corner for the nestle stand. Using the mic to Attracted and Engage with show comers and Industry professionals to the stand for our every half hour demonstration shows. Also helping them get interactive on our self bake stand. Helping them with tips and tricks on Home or Industry baking techniques.

Camp Qualities ( Dine At Mine ) Campaign – 2016

Principal, Host & Fundraiser

Dine at mine was a campaign put on to raise money for kids living with cancer. Although this was NOT a public event but a private event put on by people who hosted dinners, BBQs or lunches at there own cost. It was a pleasure to have been able to raise money for such a great cause and make a difference. I was so humbled and happy as we collectively raised $350 for kids living with cancer. Sydney, Australia, 2016

Megan and Tony Collins wedding Reception. Sydney, Australia – 2016

Principal, MC

Although Megan has been a family friend for the past 20 years, it was an absolute pleasure to MC the Afternoon and Evening that could not have gone any better for them both. Being a small crowd of people known to me the jokes and fun came fast and furious. Sydney, Australia, 2016

Sydney’s The Hens Treasure Hunt. The Rocks To Kings Cross – 2013

Principal, Host

Hosting out door Adventure hunts and games for Sydney’s brides on there hens Parties. Engaging with groups and teams to set out throughout Sydney’s CBD, The Rocks and Kings Cross Organizing and following the hens and posey around there locations. Ending with Champagne and Handing out gifts and prizes to the winning team/s. Sydney, Australia, 2013

EA Games – Christmas 2009 Games and Console Launch – 2009

Principal, Host & MC

Host and MC for the launch of the newest games to hit the market for the V.I.P launch London. Introducing each new game and for the day. The Circle Agency & EA Ltd. London, England, 2009

Kleenex Anti-Viral – Catch It, Bin It, Kill It Campaign – 2008 – 2009

Principal, Host & MC

Host and MC for the launch of the nation wide campaign for Kleenex at various locations for the crowds and commuters throughout Great Britain. Handing out new product and running interactive games and events. Candour Marketing & Kimberly-Clark Europe
London, England, 2009

Dimol Fruits & Sun Newspaper – 2008

Principal, Host Demonstrator & MC

Host and Demonstrator / MC of the healthy food alternatives and smoothies using Dimol Fruits for the nation wide campaign, Get Britain Healthy Campaign
Mash Marketing Ltd. London, England, 2008

Cadbury Chocolate – Race Car Road Show – 2008

Principal, Host & MC

Host and MC for the nation wide Cadbury Chocolate campaign with consumer interaction, Running the live toy car racing events at various locations throughout Britain. Mash Marketing Ltd. England Wide, 2008

BBQ Foundation – UK Road Show Tour – 2008

Principal, Host Chef & MC

Demonstrator and Chef traveling on a Nation wide roadshow, to all major supermarkets in Great Britain demonstrating there shelf stock and home brands
Mash Marketing Ltd. England Wide, 2008

Audition Online Video Game Road Show – 2008

Principal, Host & MC

Hosting a nation wide Roadshow on a refurbished double-decker bus with computer games throughout, welcoming the general public upon the bus, Hosting and Introducing the events throughout the day/s Mash Marketing Ltd. England Wide, 2008

Northern England Radio Stations – XXXX Beer Winners Promotion – 2007

Principal, Host & MC

Hosting events for the northern England radio winners at there homes and Estates. Putting on an Australian BBQ with interactive games and events. And handing out prizes to winners on air. Mash Marketing Ltd. London, England, 2007

Sony Ericsson Australia – Woman’s Tennis WTA – 2004

Principal, Host & MC

Hosting the players signature and fan interaction tents, Creating and running the interactive environment for the crowds and introducing the players for meet and greets. Sony Ericsson Marketing. Sydney, Australia, 2004

Chad Mathew - Presenting & Stage
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